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About Us!

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If customer service was something that you were concerned about in regards to selecting a dog training school, with us, you can eliminate that worry, for more information, please feel free to contact us.
Our dog training school was created with the intention of enhancing relationships between dog owner and dog through modern training methods.

Although our dog training methods are modern, our customer service is very personal and informative; you will not feel that you are being rushed at anytime when speaking to one of our staff members.

This type of customer service is extremeley important with dog training or any other training for that matter.  In training, sometimes it becomes imperative to insert alternate methods to most effectively train a dog or puppy, that is why keeping the lines of communication with your dog training school and you are so important.

Unforntunately, we have learned through experience that one of the main reasons dogs or puppies fail obedience school, is not because of poor dog or puppy training, but because of the inabilitiy to convey the training to the dog owner.....something we believe we excel in!