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Dog Board and Train

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The above video is a variety of dog and puppies that have completed our dog board and train program.

We accept on breeds, normally, our board and train members can enroll at the age of 5 months and older, some younger, after undergoing an evaluation.

dog board and train price
Our Dog Board and Train program is (17) days long.  During our board and train program, your puppy or dog will be trained to respond a host of commands on and off leash.

In addition to command training, we also train the common misbehaviors, such as: nipping, mouthing, digging, etc...

When your puppy or dog is not being trained, they are fulfilling their time with human and canine companionship, playing with dogs and people, and receiving plenty of attention by humans;  this type of setting facilitates the training while drastically increasing the pleasure of the puppy or dogs' stay (sometimes, they do not want to leave-lol)

After your puppy or dog is trained and responding reliablely off-leash to: come, heel, sit, leave-it, drop-it, place, we set up a drop off date and dedicate an hour or so to teach you how to give the commands, very EASY!

Of course, before making a committment, we willl set up an evaluation; this evaluation takes no more than (30) minutes.  This is where we demonstrate our methods and take all questions.