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Dog Boarding

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Our Dog Boarding Program cost $45.00 per night!
Our Elite Dog Training Boarding Program lets you vacation with peace of mind; knowing that your dog or puppy is in good hands and receiving:

1. At least (3) walks daily

2. Plenty of backyard play (humane and canine)

3. Plenty of inside human affection

4. A refresher training course, If trained by us!

5. A trip or two, to the dog park, with your permission

Whether you are vacationing, renovating, taking a work trip, or just pressed for time, it is refreshing to know that your puppy or dog is residing in a pet's capacity enjoying the freedom, affection, excercise, and training that they would be receiving in your home.

Our goal, is to give your puppy or dog a vacation too!

For more information on our boarding services please feel free contact us!